Niftee-Tron Enterprises Readme-o-Matic: the Aggrivator 2

About the Aggrivator 2

I decided to create the original Aggrivator as a challenge to determine if I could program a puzzle that even I couldn't solve. Well, I managed to do just that.

Okay, I lied. I have, indeed, managed to solve the original Aggrivator. Once. So I came up with version 2, which adds five puzzles on the original Aggrivator's one. The most aggrivating part is still that the rules are so simple, yet the solution is fiendishly difficult. I make this only slightly more difficult by not explaining the rules. It's up to you to figure them out.

What's New in Aggrivator 2?
The new Aggrivator is a great improvement, both with regards to graphics and gameplay, over the original. Where before there was one puzzle, there are now five. Or maybe it's the same puzzle, with five levels. Whatever.

Whichever way you look at it, the basic rules are the same, and you should quickly figure them out. For those that easily solved the original, the new Aggrivator should prove a challenging sequel. And for those for whom the original proved to be impossible, try the Spiff-o-Matic - maybe that's more your speed :)

To play, double click on the Aggrivator icon in the Finder - launching the application. After admiring the title screen, begin by clicking the mouse somewhere within the Aggrivator window. To quit, type Command-Q.

The Aggrivator, like all Niftee-Tron creations, is Floppyware. We, the authors of the Aggrivator encourage you to put it on a floppy disk, make as many copies as you like, and give them to friends. You may use and distribute Floppyware products freely. If this program makes you smile, laugh, or just giggle a little, please send the author some email at

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