Niftee-Tron Enterprises Readme-o-Matic: the Brick-o-Matic


About the Brick-o-Matic

Based on the original Pong-o-Matic, the very first Niftee-Tron experiment, the Brick-o-Matic is the next logical step in the evolution of PONG. It is reminiscent of Atari's Breakout and a number of its contemporaries. This incarnation of the classic game includes a simple interface, increasingly difficult levels of play (it gets a little ridiculous about level 7), and, well, that's it.

To play, double click on the Brick-o-Matic icon in the Finder - launching the application.
Click the "Play" button after admiring the title screen, and begin bouncing the ball off your paddle, removing bricks as you strike them. The paddle is controlled by moving the mouse horizontally. As your score increases, and you clear the bricks from the screen, your paddle will shrink and the ball's speed will increase.

The Brick-o-Matic, like all Niftee-Tron creations, is Floppyware. We, the authors of the Pong-o-Matic encourage you to put it on a floppy disk, make as many copies as you like, and give them to friends. You may use and distribute Floppyware products freely*. If this program makes you smile, laugh, or just giggle a little, please send the author some email at

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* There's always an asterisk. If you are planning to distribute Floppyware titles widely, as on a CD-ROM or on your website, please send the author an email just so he can know where things are going to pop up with his name on them.