Niftee-Tron Enterprises Readme-o-Matic: DBZ Icons

About These Icons

After a day's fruitless quest to find new icons for my iBook, i sat down and made some of my own. There are 66 total in (for now) two sets, including several characters whose names i don't know - the image above is only a small sampling. If you want to do the same, all you'll need are a few console emulators from and some Dragonball Z ROMs (there are several video games on several different platforms) from.. well.. other places. Give Google a try if you want to look.

I doubt the folks that own the Dragonball rights in the US (Funimation?) will consider this fair use, but I do. After all, these are 32x32 pixels each, and should hardly constitute a copyright violation - i'm not asking for money. Besides, decent icons and background images are some things one would expect to be able to find on an official website in this day and age. And I, for one, think they're pretty darn cool.

If you don't already know how to use one of these icons on your Mac (sorry, windows folks, i know there's a way, but i don't care to research it.) I can summarize here: Select the folder whose icon you want to snarf. Get Info (command-I) and click on the icon in the Info window. Copy it (Command-C). Now select the folder you want to apply the icon to, and Get Info on it. Click on the folder's icon in the Info window and Paste (Command-V). Viola, new custom icon.

This set of icons, like all Niftee-Tron creations, is Floppyware. We, the authors encourage you to put it on a floppy disk, make as many copies as you like, and give them to friends. You may use and distribute Floppyware products freely. If this makes you smile, laugh, or just giggle a little, please send the author some email at

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