Niftee-Tron Enterprises Readme-o-Matic:
the Spiff-o-Matic

About the Spiff-o-Matic

This is first Niftee-Tron offering, and it embodies what we like to call "a new paradigm in interactivity." We'd like to call it that, but saying it out loud sends us into a fit of laughter. It also has a nifty name that we thought encompassed the whole product line up to this point.

To play, double click on the Spiff-o-Matic icon in the Finder - launching the application. After admiring the title screen click the mouse somewhere within the Spiff-o-Matic window. Click on the on/off switch to get things started.

The Spiff-o-Matic, like all Niftee-Tron creations, is Floppyware. We, the authors of the Spiff-o-Matic encourage you to put it on a floppy disk, make as many copies as you like, and give them to friends. You may use and distribute Floppyware products freely. If this program makes you smile, laugh, or just giggle a little, please send the author some email at

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