Niftee-Tron Enterprises Readme-o-Matic: the Trek-o-Matic 2.0

About the Trek-o-Matic 2.0

Have you ever watched an all-night Star Trek (the original series) marathon, and wondered aloud, "How many of those guys in red shirts are going to die this time?" Maybe you've even made wagers on it, or made a drinking game out of it. Well, this Niftee-Tron creation puts you right into the action of Star Trek - from the perspective of the evil aliens that are always popping up. New in this version of the Trek-o-Matic are two new ways for the redshirts to bite it, optional Spock and Kirk figures running around, sound effects, a nifty 3d rendered background, and maybe a secret or three.

To play, double click on the Trek-o-Matic icon in the Finder - launching the application. After admiring the title screen, click the mouse somewhere within the Trek-o-Matic window. After the first redshirt transports in, click the mouse. Just like in the TV series, there is an unlimited supply of these guys!

The Trek-o-Matic, like all Niftee-Tron creations, is Floppyware. We, the authors of the Trek-o-Matic encourage you to put it on a floppy disk, make as many copies as you like, and give them to friends. You may use and distribute Floppyware products freely*. If this program makes you smile, laugh, or just giggle a little, please send the author some email at

"Star Trek" and all related materials are property of Paramount, and are based on the work of Gene Roddenberry. All references to Star Trek, likenesses of its characters, and sound samples from the show appearing in the Niftee-Tron Trek-o-Matic are used entirely without permission for noncommercial, satirical, purposes, and are therefore, questionably legal.

* There's always an asterisk. If you are planning to distribute Floppyware titles widely, as on a CD-ROM or on your website, please send the author an email just so he can know where things are going to pop up with his name on them.

Remember, if you have only half the fun playing with these that I had making them, then I had twice the fun you did. Think about it.

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